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guys this forum is dead. And it’s pretty dated... I made a discord. Join here:

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 Rate the character endings! (GX)

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Lorenzo The Comic

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PostSubject: Rate the character endings! (GX)   Thu 06 Jan 2011, 12:10 am

Now first I'll start off with the character ending movies I liked. QQQ, even though I don't like his theme song that much, I liked the part where he killed that shark by electrocuting it. I've also enjoyed Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Beast Man, Dai San Gen, and PJ's endings.

Now for the one's I don't like so far... I liked Baba's ending at first until I saw him in his balck speedo. Same goes for Octoman, I seriously turned my face away. I liked Antonio Guster's ending better a little but not enough to say that I actually liked it... Well mostly near the end of that one...

That's all for now.
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The dude who created everything

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PostSubject: Re: Rate the character endings! (GX)   Wed 27 Apr 2016, 2:13 pm

it's been so long since I've seen all of them but I remember loving the skulls and black shadows
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Rate the character endings! (GX)
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